Villas near Lake Garda

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Do you dream of a special holiday? We have chosen for you some beautiful Villas near Lake Garda.

Lake Garda is famous all over the world for its nature and its beauty, but is also famous in places rich in history, traditions and culture. 

For these reasons we suggest you to choose a villa near the lake, to enjoy the sun during the day, and to discover the other fascinating treasures after sunset.

You can leave your car, unpack your suitcases and bring only the flip-flops and sunglasses. And if you want, you can even allow yourself to laze by the pool.

Take a look below to our collection of Villas near the lake, and If you need any advice or further information get in touch with us.

Lake House
3 reviews
Beautiful apartment with terrace and whirlpool overlooking the lake.
Modern and Comfortable
Amazing View
Beautiful terrace with whirlpool