Sheila from VRBO June 2018 "Comfortable, cozy, cute" ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ by from
We were 4 people in this apartment and it was a perfect space. Very comfortable, cozy, cute, colorful. The only rooms that had AC were the two bedrooms and to be honest that was all we needed. We kept the bedroom doors shut so the AC would keep the room nice and cold and we all enjoyed sleeping in AC. There was a fan in the living room so that helped when we were in that room. We didn't stay in the apartment that much, only during the night. Didn't use the kitchen, but I assume the facilities and utilities worked fine. One thing that alarmed me however is that there was a bedroom door in the master bed that led to outside and it was not locked. The lady who showed us the apartment didn't tell usanything but it was unlocked all night and we didn't even know there was a door there because it was covered with a curtain and blinds and we just assumed it was another window. Luckily, no one broke in except our friends in the early morning on accident (that's how we found out there was a door there). There was a beach across the street which is where we stayed the majority of the time. The beach is pebbly but we didn't mind. If you have sensitive feet you may want to bring water shoes. There were about 3-4 restaurants about a mile-ish walk down from the apartment and that is where we ate all our meals. Also, if you plan to go to any other towns, be prepared and know that it will take awhile. The taxi system is just terrible. They don't come when you call. And it may be because they speak zero English so maybe they didn't understand. We eventually (one hour later) were able to get on a free bus shuttle that went into Torri Del Benaco, but getting back to our apartment was yet again, another hour wait trying to get a taxi because the shuttles were not running until 11pm and we wanted to get to our apartment by 10pm. Review Submitted: 19 Aug 2018 | Stayed: June 2018