About Us

Isula Travel srl is an Italian company that has been operating since 2006 and deals with tourism and hospitality.

The two partners, Francesco and Vincenzo, have been friends since high school. After different university experiences, they carried out different tasks in the tourism field, after which they decided to combine their skills to pursue their dream.

Francesco developed particular skills in the management of accommodation facilities, while Vincenzo, currently C.E.O. of the company, developed communication and web marketing skills.

Furthermore, all the other people working at Isula Travel have followed specific studies for tourism and have had experiences in tourist hospitality having worked in hotels, luxury relais, bed and breakfasts or holiday homes.

This means that at Isula Travel everyone exactly know what a guest expects in terms of hospitality, quality and assistance.

Thanks to this experience, Isula Travel is now able to offer its customers the best solutions for their holiday villas.

In order to offer the best Luxury Villas on Lake Garda, Isula Travel selected the best local partners and established with them strong relationships, ensuring high quality properties and a reliable customer service.